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PureVitalize Serum

PureVitalize Serum

PriceFrom $24.00

Shay’s PureVitalize Serum is an all in one topical ointment. Got an infected lymph node, acne, cyst, wart…..or any odd looking bump you’re wanting to get rid of? PureVitalize might just be what you’re looking for. It’s made from 4 simple ingredients: Organic Cold Pressed Hexane-Free Castor Oil, DMSO (Dimethyl Sulfoxide: drawing in/enhancing agent), Tea Tree Essential Oil and Oregano Essential Oil. Just ensure area is clean of all harmful chemicals before and after applying. (Dmso will draw anything it touches into your bloodstream, which is why it makes it so beneficial in healing when combined with the right ingredients). Then apply serum topically to desired area 3x a day until the area is “purely vitalized” or until you get desired effect.

Do not use if pregnant or nursing. Topical applications only, do not ingest.

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